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Aside from her classes, workshops, trainings & retreats, you can work with Gail 1:1 online or in-person if you are in her vicinity (inquire with your location if interested)

Gail has been working privately with Yoga Students of all levels and abilities for over 20 years. She uses many aspects of practice to help each individual that she guides.


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Explore, Escape, Elevate: Yoga as a Path to Integrity Retreat –
March 13-17, 2024


Are you ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery and holistic healing?  Join us for an unforgettable yoga retreat that weaves together the principles of balance, integrity, and the art of graceful strength.

In this one-of-a-kind yoga retreat, we will go beyond the traditional practice of yoga and explore innovative ways to cultivate integrity in every aspect of our lives.

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Gail will create a personalized 25-30 minute Yoga Nidra recording for you based on your specific needs. Gail will guide you into a deep state of relaxation, focusing on your unique needs. Yoga nidra is meant to help you release that which no longer serves you. It is a practice that helps you feel rejuvenation of body, mind and spirit. You will notice that if you practice regularly it has a profound effect.

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These classes are based on the idea that a slower practice can be as powerful as an active flow. In a gentle, slow-moving sequence, you will experience backbends, forward bends, twists, and subtle inversions as you are guided to rest on bolsters, blocks, and blankets to support yourself in perfect comfort. You will be able to surrender completely to the stillness within and be able to truly understand the power of Restorative Yoga. 

Easy Peasy: Restore Your Self

Restorative Yoga is a practice of being, and less about doing. In this workshop you will explore postures that restore your body, mind and soul. The fourth limb of yoga is pranayama. Mastering the breath is as important as mastery of postures. Asana practice confers a flexible body, calm nerves and mental steadiness. Yoga becomes the best antidote for being burnt, being out-of-sync with your own life rhythm or fluctuating back and forth between being anxious or depressed.

Restorative Yoga teaches techniques that are simple, safe and effective. This class will cover a sequence of poses that will relax and renew. Supine breath awareness, as well as pranayama basics will be covered. If you want to leave with peace of mind, come to this class.

Mindful Metabolism: Restorative Yoga for Digestion

The better you digest, the more prana you get from your food; however, unlike popular belief, doing an active practice isn’t the only way to metabolize nutrients and burn calories.  In this  soothing workshop on restorative yoga, supported yoga poses will help calm the mind, open the heart and relieve stress. You will be able to experience the true concept of rest and digest.

Please dress in layers -- warm pants, tank top, a sweatshirt, and you may wish to bring cozy socks and a shawl. Please also bring an eye pillow or fluffy washcloth to cover your eyes.

The Hardest Yoga Ever: The Restorative Practice

The first time you lay on bolsters and blankets, and really truly allow yourself to be, may be the hardest thing you’ve ever done in yoga. As much as yoga is an active practice, Restorative Yoga offers us the flip side. It offers us a chance to let go, and to feel supported on the journey. Supported yoga poses will help calm the mind, open the heart and relieve stress.

The Workshop will leave you feeling like you've spent the afternoon on a sunny island beach. Please dress in layers -- warm pants, tank top, a sweatshirt, and you may wish to bring cozy socks and a shawl. Please also bring an eye pillow or fluffy washcloth to cover your eyes.

The Portable Practice: Restorative Yoga on The Go

Would you like to be able to take your Restorative Yoga practice with you anywhere? Want to get all the benefits of Restorative Yoga, the relaxation and the healing serenity, without the need for bolsters, blocks and props? Or do you just want to feel like you've spent the afternoon on a sunny island beach? 


Regardless of your reason for showing up, this relaxing workshop will teach you how to do Restorative Yoga with minimal props. This is a restorative yoga practice you can do anywhere with just your favorite blanket and a pillow. You’ll be guided through a gentle, slow-moving sequence, the restorative postures will calm your mind, open your heart and relieve your stress, all while relaxing in perfect comfort. All you need is a pillow and blanket but please dress in layers.

Restorative Yoga for Winter


Every season has its governing energy. Winter is a yin season. We go inward in Winter, conserving our energy and our resources. The Restorative Yoga practice is not only practical, it’s necessary.

When we learn to follow the seasons, we create an environment for the body to thrive. The organs that are most dominant in Winter are the bladder and kidneys, as Winter is governed by the water element. When we learn to nourish these organs, we live in a body that is disease free.

Come enjoy this 2 ½  hour practice, go inward, go deep and go home feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. 

Playing with Chairs (An advanced yoga practice)

The connotation of chairs and yoga usually brings to mind a practice for people who are less mobile. This could not be further from the case in this workshop. We will use chairs to practice advanced postures that might otherwise elude us.

Backbends, arm balances, and deeper variations of some of our favorites that we can experience with the shtira (steadiness)  and boundary a chair provides.

The most fun part of this workshop is that you will access postures in a way you never thought were possible, you will move through your imagined limitations, and explore all the possibilities instead!

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Workplace/Organizations Workshops

(can be used at yoga studios as well online or in-person)

Brown Bag Yoga: Learn More Over Lunch

Studying Yoga Philosophy is fascinating. There are eight branches of yoga, and asana is only one of them. In this class, you will bring your lunch, and be part of an illuminating talk on yoga philosophy and how you can apply it in your everyday life.


The Yoga Chair: Sit Down and Feel Better! 

Chair yoga is not just a practice for the older and more infirm, it’s a fun way to go deeper in your practice. Though it is a very beneficial tool for those that need the support, you can really glean the benefits of this often misunderstood prop! In this workshop you will learn some fun ways to incorporate the chair in your yoga practice. It’s creative, it’s useful and you will walk away with some new techniques for joy!

The yoga break: An energizing practice at your desk

Cigarette break, coffee break, 3 pm snack break.  How about a yoga break? A much healthier way to give yourself a break! This practice which can be done predominantly at your desk will provide you with a much needed stress release. Yoga has been proven to help with overall health and well-being. Employees who practice yoga take less sick days, and are shown to be happier people. 

Yoga For a Certain Age: Bring Your Boom Boom Back

Are you of a certain age where you aren’t quite as agile as you used to be? Do you want to be incorporating yoga in your life but feel challenged to even begin? This workshop shows you how you are never too old to begin. Yoga keeps you feeling young, body, mind and spirit.

The Life-Changing Benefits of Having Yoga in Your Life

Come learn how to decrease stress, increase flexibility and create an overall feeling of well-being in just a few minutes a day. You don’t even need a yoga mat!

  • Do-able stretches that will make you feel so good you’ll wish you started earlier.
  • Calming breathing techniques you can do anywhere, anytime.
  • Simple rejuvenating meditation techniques that kick Anxiety’s butt.


Restorative Yoga Training

Restorative Yoga is a powerful element to add to your teaching tool box. Be known as the rock star you are –– a teacher that integrates this deeply nourishing practice into the tried and true usual yoga offering.  Even if you don’t end up teaching this style class, you will end up incorporating many of the techniques you learn here and applying them in your other classes and in your work with private students.


Some of the topics covered will be:

  • The relaxation response and the central nervous system.
  • Proper alignment to support the optimum flow of energy to all the body’s systems.
  • How to sequence restorative postures.
  • Restorative asanas for different types of students with physical disabilities or certain medical conditions.
  • Use of props to support the body for the maximum relaxation.

Plus more!

Required reading: Restorative Yoga for Life by Gail Boorstein Grossman


This training can be formatted over a weekend or can be spread out on a weekly basis. (if geographically possible)

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