Client Testimonial



I emerged from this training program with the tools I needed to sequence and teach a mindful and meaningful restorative yoga class, and I was immediately able to put that knowledge to use in a classroom setting. I felt equipped and confident about teaching a well rounded, safe, relaxing class - and I couldn’t wait to share that!


This training taught me to sequence for various body parts as well as for specific issues or ailments. I learned the many ways props can be utilized to help the body fully relax in the moment. 


Ms. Grossman’s program is comprehensive and definitive, and her kind and graceful demeanor help make this practice accessible to teachers, students and anyone else who is interested in restorative yoga. 

Client Testimonial


After I finished my restorative yoga training, I was lucky to travel with Gail and assisted her for Yoga Journal Conference in NYC and Ahimsa Yoga Festival in Wyndham, NY. Watching her guiding nearly 100 people in the room into at ease and peace was truly a magical experience.

There are so many Restorative yoga trainings and books available nowadays. However, Gail will teach you how to build a class with a tailored, gentle touch that would make one's restorative yoga practice unforgettable.  

Client Testimonial


Gail's mentorship is a breath of fresh air. I did my yoga teacher training and my restorative yoga training with Gail and both experiences went far beyond my expectations. Her teaching style is conversational and down to earth but rooted in deep wisdom, making it quite clear she has studied this work for years. 


Gail had me doing poses and taking risks I would not have felt comfortable doing with anyone else---she creates a space that is safe, inclusive and accessible for all. She teaches you a variety of ways to create a restorative pose that is comfortable for your body and the body of your students. This is not a one size fits all practice, and Gail is an expert at providing insight on in the moment changes that make you become a more confident practitioner. 


I am forever grateful for Gail's mentorship, open heart and relatability. She is a gift to the world of yoga and beyond.

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