A Virtual Yoga Community

Here you will join with other like-minded yoga friends, connect to your body, your breath, and experience your yoga practice (and yourself) evolve


Do you want a place to reconnect to yourself and your community through the practice of yoga?


At THE CENTER, we celebrate your individual path along with the gift of community.

A journey where we join together to experience the magical benefits of yoga, and  practice in community

This is an opportunity for you to….
  • Practice any time, anywhere with an expert teacher (me :)

  • Commit to yourself and your practice 

  • Continue to learn and grow 

  • Receive wisdom and guidance to help you on this journey called life

  • Integrate a regular practice into your schedule 

  • Be a part of a supportive community 

If you are ready and willing to do these things and commit to the beginning of or the continuation of your yoga journey  – The Center is for you!


In my 21+ year journey of my yoga teaching, I never thought in a million years that I would have loved the virtual space


The greatest lesson I learned during Covid, is that we can be together, even when we are apart, and that deep meaningful connection does not exist only in person.


Deep within me, I feel a calling to continue the virtual teachings, because, well, mostly because we can be together.


The Center is a virtual yoga community; bringing us together to practice yoga and have meaningful connections.

You will also…


  • Be able to pick and choose from a library of classes with different lengths and purposes
  • Connect with others who along with you, value the benefits of a regular yoga practice
  • Gain the confidence in your practice
  • Practice yoga live, twice a week

The Center is for you if you...

  • Enjoy a sense of community from an in-person yoga center
  • Desire to establish a regular yoga practice
  • Enjoy learning new things that can create a sense of well-being in your body and mind
  • Love the idea of practicing on your own time, or in community

This opportunity is not for you if you …

  • Are not interested in experiencing the benefits of yoga
  • Are unwilling to show up and engage the practice
  • Do not value your health and wellbeing and see the value of a tiny investment in yourself  

So do you want to know what your investment will be?




  • 2 live classes weekly

  • New classes added regularly to the library, including 15 minute, 30 minute and 60 minute sessions

  • Instructional pose videos for those who are new to the practice or looking to refine their understanding of specific poses

  • Different types of yoga practices; including, Align & Flow, Restorative, Katonah Yoga®, Yin Yoga, Pranayama, Chair & more

  • Discounts on Workshops

Your practice awaits you!


Check out our amazing testimonials

What I love about Gail is that her classes are always different so it is not vinyasa all the time. She has a soothing way about her and is very nurturing. I sincerely hope I can continue doing yoga with her.


The time spent with Gail helps me to feel empowered and releases my stress. I am strong and loving to myself during class.


Your voice is so calming. I can always hear love in your voice. The stories your tell that inspire reflection and a feeling throughout the practice and often weaves it’s way through the entire day. Your kind and gentle way of teaching. You embody love, compassion and wisdom.


From Gail:

Gail Grossman, is Yoga Educator, Author & Guide. Considered a teacher of teachers Gail has been sharing the gift of yoga for decades. She educates and supports Yoga Students & Teachers to develop their skills and maximize the benefits of this ancient practice using a modern approach developed over 20+ years, so together we can make a difference in the World.

Gail's book Restorative Yoga for Life has been very well received, ranking in the top 1% of Amazon book sales. Her audience extends far beyond the established yoga community, reaching many who have never had a yoga practice. Gail has been a presenter at Yoga Journal Conference, Ahimsa Yoga Festival, and she has been a contributor for Yoga Journal Magazine.

Gail’s passion and dedication is to share the multidimensional gifts of yoga that include the physical benefits, as well as the emotional and spiritual components that lead to a meaningful life. Her students describe her as a very nurturing teacher who skilfully guides a transformative experience that leads to a felt sense of relaxation, grounding, and joy.

Check out our amazing testimonials

I have been taking yoga classes with Gail for many years, private, semi private and open classes. She is amazing. Every class is different, challenging and always thoroughly enjoyable. I cannot recommend Gail more strongly!!

-Riki P

Gail is an extraordinary yoga teacher. Her knowledge of various yoga disciplines has greatly enhanced my yoga practice. I have had several injuries which are healing because of her mastery of anatomy and physiology. I strongly recommend her!


Gail is an amazing yoga instructor with an ability to work with all levels of students, with all ages, and in many different styles. Gail is intuitive about her student’s needs, and she is also, warm, engaging and extremely knowledgeable about all things yoga!!

-David N

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You know in your heart, you belong here.