Spring Has Sprung!

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 How to use the energy to serve you well! A yoga practice for spring cleaning the body and soul.

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In This Masterclass You Will Learn:

  • Why spring cleaning our bodies is imperative to our health
  • A yoga practice that harnesses spring energy
  • The organs of the body that are affected by spring
  • Techniques that will set you up for a great summer
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Who am I?

Gail Grossman, is Yoga Educator, Author & Guide. Considered a teacher of teachers Gail has been sharing the gift of yoga for decades. She educates and supports Yoga Students & Teachers to develop their skills and maximize the benefits of this ancient practice using a modern approach developed over 20+ years, so together we can make a difference in the World.

Gail's book Restorative Yoga for Life has been very well received, ranking in the top 1% of Amazon book sales. Her audience extends far beyond the established yoga community, reaching many who have never had a yoga practice. Gail has been a presenter at Yoga Journal Conference, Ahimsa Yoga Festival, and she has been a contributor for Yoga Journal Magazine.

Gail’s passion and dedication is to share the multidimensional gifts of yoga that include the physical benefits, as well as the emotional and spiritual components that lead to a meaningful life. Her students describe her as a very nurturing teacher who skilfully guides a transformative experience that leads to a felt sense of relaxation, grounding, and joy.

You are invited to the Spring has sprung masterclass!