Playing With Chairs Masterclass

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Hosted by Gail Grossman, Author, Master Teacher + Yoga Educator.

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What will you learn?

  • Chairs usually bring to mind a practice for those less mobile, and though we will play with some simple poses, we will explore all the possibilities that the chair can offer

  • Chairs are a great tool to deepen your practice, and definitely help you explore places that might otherwise elude you!

  • Chairs provide a boundary that provides shtira (steadiness)

  • Explore some poses that you might otherwise find too challenging without the support

  • Move beyond your expectations of what you thought you were capable of doing!

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Who am I?

Gail Grossman, E-RYT 500, has been sharing the gift of yoga for decades. Her students describe her as a very nurturing teacher who can quietly touch every muscle in their physical and emotional body, which leaves them feeling relaxed, grounded and happy.

Gail’s book Restorative Yoga for Life has been very well received, ranking in the top 1% of book sales. Her audience extends far beyond the established yoga community, reaching many who have never had a yoga practice.

Ultimately, Gail’s work is informed by her intuitive inner voice, which has guided her at every step on her path.

Experience how the chair can help you go beyond your perceived limitations

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